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A Message from the President – January 2017

The last quarter of the year is typically the quietest quarter for us up in the Great White North, but by n means have we been inactive this year.

We wrapped up our annual conference in September and immediately began looking towards 2017 by welcoming four new members to the board of directors:

  • Anna Moran – Tourism Nova Scotia
  • Kailee Penner – Destination British Columbia
  • Sehrab Grewal – JD Power
  • Frédéric Dimanche – Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

We also appointed Angela Trunzo of Economic Development Winnipeg to the executive committee as Secretary/Treasurer.

Our new-look board of directors has their eyes focused on making 2017 a HUGE year for TTRA Canada and Canadian Tourism in general. The Canadian chapter is thrilled to be hosting all of our colleagues from south of the border and across the pond at the International conference in Quebec City this June. Last summer, we had the pleasure of hosting one of our board meetings in Quebec City to get a flavour for the city in advance of the 2017 conference…and boy are you all in for a treat. Food, culture, history, and views – Quebec City has it all.

On a regular year, there’s enough to make any trip to Quebec City more than worthwhile but 2017 is not a regular year. 2017 also marks Canada’s 150th birthday, and we’re celebrating in a big way. All of Canada’s National Parks are free for the year (of which Quebec City has many!) and there are going to be an unprecedented number of festivals and activities taking place across the country to mark the occasion. All of this was enough to make Canada the New York Times’ top place to go in 2017!

But wait, there’s more! Let’s take off our tourist hats and put on our researcher hats for a moment: this means Canada is anticipating record marketing spend into overseas markets, we are expecting record numbers of visitors, and in turn are going to need the research and measurement to support all of that. It’s an exciting time to be a visitor to Canada but an even more exciting time to be a tourism researcher in Canada. It’s going to be enriching, exciting and a lot of fun discussing these challenges and opportunities with you at the TTRA International Conference in Quebec City.

So book your flight, bring your family and stay a while. We’ve been planning your welcoming party for 150 years!


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