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A Message from the President – August 2016

Watch out Edmonton, TTRA Canada is coming to you in a month’s time to experience your vibes and explore what you mean by “Original since way back”! Fittingly, the theme of the 2016 TTRA Conference in Edmonton – Animating Places:  Making Destinations Come Alive through Research – is very much about storytelling and analytics in tourism.


The conference will offers a fantastic program of in-depth learnings on both fronts, starting on the first day of the conference with our keynote speaker from Google Canada, Mr. Jon Bromstein, who will speak about the next frontier in big data tourism research, that is the art of leveraging insights from the digital world to discern travellers’ preferences. Jon’s allocution will set the stage for several concurrent presentations ranging from understanding the use of mobile devices to extracting travel insights from Flickr data in the Canadian context.

Storytelling will also be the focus of several presentations from two different perspectives; storytelling to enhance experiential travel to the destination, and storytelling to convey and visualize research insights. Dr. Moniek Hover and her colleague Licia Calvi will offer an interactive workshop on Wednesday, September 28th to develop destination’s storytelling narratives and magnify these through the digital space to maximize conversion. Dr. Hover will further give a keynote address on the last day of the conference on research and the power of storytelling to attract visitors and enrich their experience.


In hosting this conference, TTRA Canada is fortunate to have the support of its sponsors. It is our sponsors that allow us to provide our members and delegates with a quality conference about tourism research. Please visit aTTRActions to find out more about sponsorship opportunities and about our sponsors.

We look forward to seeing and meeting you all in Edmonton, Alberta!

Avec mes salutations les plus cordiales,

Michel Dubreuil

President, TTRA Canada

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