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Faster, Smarter, Better?

Emerging technologies and trends and their impact on managed travel

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Travel Brands in a Multi-Screen World

Travel brands are immersed in an evolving mobile space, much the same as their passengers and guests, but the demands of the increasingly smartphone- and tablet-equipped consumer are prompting even further involvement.

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The Mobilized Travel Consumer

As the mobile landscape continues to evolve and expand, travel consumers’ habits and behavior have also adjusted.

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Travel Trends 2015

Looking for destination inspiration or to find out more about the trends in travel for 2015?

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ITB World Travel Trends Report

The ITB World Travel Trends Report 2014/15 was again commissioned by ITB Berlin from IPK International.

shaping the future of travel
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Shaping the Future of Travel

Written by Oxford Economics, the world leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis for business and government, Shaping the Future of Travel: Macro trends driving industry growth over the next decade draws on detailed macro-economic modeling as well as qualitative interviews with industry experts, to forecast a wide range of future trends, including pockets of growth and opportunity that will shape the next 10 years of travel.

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The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report ranks 141 countries across 14 separate dimensions, revealing how well countries could deliver sustainable economic and societal benefits through their travel and tourism sector.