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Destination Europe: Long-Haul Travel Barometer | 02/2016

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Destination Europe | Long-Haul Travel Barometer | 2/2016

Europe’s charm is often associated with cultural and historical diversity, a rich assortment of great foods, picturesque nature, and boundless shopping opportunities. With all of these qualities, ‘Destination Europe’ sparks continuous interest in long-haul travel markets by creating an emotional connection, which leads to repeat visits.

By comparing the travel patterns of first-time visitors and repeat visitors to Europe, we discover how these two groups differ in the way they prioritise different aspects of the destination. For the majority of the key long-haul travel markets the enhancement of knowledge about European culture, history and cuisine is seen as a prevailing travel motivation.

Link to the results.

The Long-Haul Travel Sentiment Survey & Index captures people’s intention to travel abroad, their motivations and barriers to travel, as well as key characteristics of their trip. It monitors travel sentiment in five key extra-European markets: Brazil, China, Japan, the Russian Federation and the USA.

The findings are brought to you by the European Travel Commission, European Tourism Association, and Eurail Group G.I.E., realised by TCI Research


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