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Lifestyle Habits of the 24/7 Business Traveler

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The needs of the modern business traveler are changing. As efficiency and healthy living have become top priorities, travel brands would be smart to listen to the evolving desires of road warriors in order to win more business and build better loyalty.

The needs of today’s business travelers are changing. From on-demand WiFi and keyless check-in to healthy meals and 24/7 gyms, the on-the-go executive is focused on hotels that allow them to work more efficiently, provide amenities tailored to helping them stay healthy on the road, and allow for perks that take away some of the sting of frequent corporate travel. With North American business travel spending set to rise six percent this year, from the $292.2 billion spent in 2014, according to the Global Business Travel Association, hotels would be smart to listen to the evolving desires of the modern executive and implement strategies to engage them and ensure their loyalty.

The report examines:

  • Who is the modern-day business traveler and what amenities do they value?
  • How travel brands are catering to business travelers.
  • Key data findings around the lifestyle habits of business travelers.

Download the Lifestyle Habits of the 24/7 Business Traveler report.


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