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Tourism Data Research Collaboration – Request for Proposals


Destination Canada with the Canadian chapter of the Travel and Tourism Research Association are requesting proposals to investigate the evolution of Canada’s tourism brand.

Proposals may include investigation into:

  • how external events (economic, social, political and technological) have an effect on a tourism brand
  • how perceptions evolve over time
  • how perceptions influence destination choice
  • how the rise of social media and advancements in technology impact the Canadian tourism industry.

Destination Canada, in partnership with the University of Guelph, has made the Global Tourism Watch data sets from 2007 – 2012 available on the University of Guelph’s Research Data Repository and are now accessible to students and researchers to complete secondary data analysis to advance tourism and marketing research.

The Global Tourism Watch monitors trends and consumer attitudes and motivations in Destination Canada’s markets and includes over 52,000,000 data points about travellers’ perceptions of Canada, representing survey results from over 118,000 people surveyed from 2007-2012.

Proposals will be assessed based on research quality, innovation, proposed methodology, and overall value to the Canadian travel and tourism industry by the Travel and Tourism Research Association and Destination Canada. The use of the Global Tourism Watch will be the key consideration in determining successful proposals, as will innovative research methods such as the use of non-survey-based data sources such as social media.

Successful proposals will be awarded a research grant up to $10,000 and research project results must be shared with Destination Canada. The research project results are expected to be presented at the Travel and Tourism Research Association 2017 annual international conference in Quebec City to support this initiative.

Please submit your proposal, including purpose, methodology and intended outcome by January 31, 2017, to the Canadian chapter of the Travel and Tourism Research Association at


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