Ontario is another one of Canada’s provinces, and it houses the country’s largest city, namely Toronto, and also the capital city, Ottawa. Even though the place might seem urban, Ontario still has a number of crystal-clear lakes and a vast diversity of wildlife. This is the province where you will be able to find the grand and majestic Niagara Falls. Ontario is also known to have the highest population among the other provinces of Canada.

Tons of tourist attractions can be found in Ontario besides the most famous one, Niagara Falls. Located in Toronto, the C.N. Tower is one place you should consider visiting when you are in the country. The C.N. Tower is one of Canada’s most iconic standing structures, towering up to an impressive height of 553 meters.

Should you want to have a more natural tourist destination, Ontario’s National Parks would be the perfect place to visit. Ontario offers 5 National Parks, and each one provides a stunning view of Ontario’s most beautiful landscapes and sceneries. The National Parks found in Ontario include Pukaskwa National Park, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Georgian Bay Islands National Park, Thousand Islands National Park, and last but not least, Point Pelee National Park.

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