This is another one of Canada’s provinces with a majority of French-speaking people. This province is quite unique since most of the population are French-Canadian; these are the descendants of early French-settlers that have settled in Canada during the 17th Century.

Quebec is known to be 2nd in terms of the population of Canada. Due to the language barrier, Quebec and the rest of the provinces of Canada have a somewhat difficult relationship, and tensions would sometimes rise due to this. The tension between Quebec and the rest of the other Canadian provinces would sometimes lead to talks of separation – whether or not it would be best if Quebec would become an independent nation instead.

Because the French culture has influenced Quebec, you should expect a unique experience here compared to any other Canadian province or territory. Quebec is pretty rich and diverse in terms of cultures and cuisines.

Besides the unique culture and cuisines of this province, you can also see some of Canada’s most beautiful and vibrant sites. The UNESCO World Heritage Site actually protects old Quebec, which is a small portion of the city. Montmorency Falls is another one of Quebec’s most visited places, it may be a little bit far from the city, but the journey will be worth it.

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