Canada is a gigantic country filled with a plethora of wonderful and unique tourist attractions. Since Canada has six diverse regions, each with its own unique fauna, climate, and landscape, it wouldn’t be surprising that this country will hold an abundant source of sites to see.

Did you know that Canada has a whopping 8 million visitors from foreign countries each year, making about at least $80 billion in tourism alone?

When it comes to Canada, the first thing you would surely want to see in nature itself. Magnificent and grand mountains, forests that are teeming with wildlife, and the ever crystal clear lakes. Perfect pace for a little hike or some camping, right?

This country is also home to a lot of iconic animals like moose, beavers, and even polar bears. Wildlife is pretty rich and diverse in Canada, so if you are an animal lover, this should be your number one destination.

If you want to taste an amazing urban life, Canada also has that to offer too. Large and modern cities, giant skyscrapers, and fun-filled nightlife are just some of the things you can enjoy here.

Are you worried about the cost? Worry no more because the Canadian dollar is actually pretty weak compared to other currencies; you will surely be able to afford your stay here.

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