If nature photography is your passion in life or career, Canada should be your number one destination. From awe-inspiring snow-capped mountains to colorful and vibrant forests, to sparkling crystal clear lakes, to large cities both modern and historical in aesthetic and to the most unique and interesting sites, Canada is considered to be the best for photographs.

Here are some of the best places to take some pictures:

1. Moraine Lake

Turquoise-colored lake surrounded by beautiful pine trees in the front and magnificent snow-capped mountains in the back, this place is surely one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful artwork.

2. Churchill

What is nature photography with some wildlife? Here in Churchill, you see some cute wandering polar bears. Here, you will have the chance to take some close-up photos of the wildlife that Canada has to offer.

3. Canola Fields

A field golden Canola decors the road from Winnipeg to Manitoba and Saskatchewan. A sight you would not dare miss if you are in Canada for photography.

4. Niagara Falls

Truly a splendid sight to see, you can take photographs of Niagara Falls any time of the year because it will remain spectacular throughout the seasons.

5. Canisbay Lake, Ontario

Found in the Algonquin National Park, this lake would have the perfect view during the fall. With trees painted in bright orange and a lake nearby that gives off a mirror reflection, Canisbay Lake is a true wonder of nature.

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