British Columbia is a province that is situated in the westernmost part of Canada, and it lies between the great Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. British Columbia, or B.C. for short, has everything that you would want to see if you are on vacation. With beautiful evergreen trees, towering waterfalls, to snow-capped mountains, B.C. offers a great and relaxing nature escapade.

B.C. has quite a unique geography, to the point that it has been categorized as its own. This province has a thick forest spanning across the large mountain ranges, seemingly deep valleys, and rivers. Due to the amount of rainfall this province receives, various plants and fauna can be found, especially the most iconic evergreen pine trees.

This province has two massive islands, namely the Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii archipelago. Vancouver Island is considered an oceanfront city with a great scenic view. This place is quite a popular place for trading. This city shares some of its population with different races, notably Asians, since its location is near the vicinity of some Asian nations.

When it comes to cultures, the British Columbians are rather more easy-going and laid back than their Eastern counterparts.

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