It is simply not enough to take your dog on short walks or give them CBD-infused products for dogs to help keep them happy and less anxious. There are other activities you need to do to keep your dog active and happy at almost all times. However, you don’t want to repeat the same routine.

So, here are 5 Dog-friendly things to do with your dog.

1. Visit Off-leash Dog Parks and Beaches

Taking your dog to off-leash dog parks and beaches is a great activity for not just you but mostly for your dog. Off-leash dog parks are an excellent way to introduce them to other dogs and allow them to mingle freely.

You also get to play games with your dog and teach them new tricks and skills. Besides, going to such places, especially the beach, is an avenue for your dog to swim, run around and exercise their muscles while enjoying themselves.

2. Go Hiking Together

hiking with dog canada

In case you didn’t know, dogs enjoy hiking a lot. You can locate dog-friendly trails and go on a hiking adventure with your dog. You can take a tour and explore nature with your dog beside you, providing them with enough outdoor space to run around, sniff things and even discover hidden spots. However, don’t forget to make regular stops to rest and treat your dog to something special for the efforts.

3. Go on Holidays Together

The saying that Dog is Man’s Best Friend isn’t exaggerated, and spending time with your dog is perhaps one of the best things ever. Spending quality time with your dog is a good way of creating and strengthening your bond, as well as improving your dog’s general well-being.

Going on a vacation with your dog is a great way to keep up the bond between you. Find some tour sites that you and your dog can visit when you both go on a holiday. It may be a bit difficult finding a place that allows dogs, but there are several dog-friendly historic sites, national trust sites, or parks that hold a lot of attractions for dogs. So, you get to create a fun and exciting memory with your dog.

4. Enroll Your Dog in an Obedience Training Class

Another dog-friendly thing to do is enroll your dog in an agility and obedience class to test their agility and teach them new skills and tricks. If you own a very hyperactive dog, this is an excellent way to positively refocus all of that energy.

Agility and obedience training offers your dog an opportunity to display their strength and essentially improve their general health. Besides, everyone loves their dog taking the spotlight, and you never can tell; your dog might become a star student.

5. Remember to Visit the Vet

Creating all of these fun activities to keep your canine companion happy is lovely, but don’t neglect the need to take your dog to the vet regularly. Taking your dog for a routine check-up is also a dog-friendly thing to do.

Check to see they’re in good shape because you wouldn’t like to wear your dog out. Dogs don’t enjoy a visit to the vet, so you can make the process fun by pampering your dog or giving them their favorite treat for being well-behaved pets when at the vet.

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