Vaping is when you inhale and exhale an aerosol coming from a vape (electronic cigarette). Bargain E-Juice recommends that It doesn’t need to be burnt to function like any usual cigarette. The device will vaporize the liquid that will turn to aerosol. The liquid used for vaping usually has a flavor and may contain nicotine.

Most vapes used electrical power coming from a battery to vaporize the vape liquid through heat. After the vaporizing process, it will become an aerosol. Aerosol is the one breathed by the user.

Vape devices vary in different shapes and sizes. Some vapes are small, like the size of a USB drive or the size of a pen, while some are bigger.

Survey About the Use of Vape in Canada

According to a 2017 survey in Canada, 15% of Canadians (ages 15 years and older) have tried to use a vape product. Teenagers aged 15 to 19, and young adults aged 20 to 24, have a high rate of trying to use a vape product.

Of those Canadians who used a vape product, 65% are current cigarette smokers, 20% are former cigarette smokers, and 15% reported that they never smoked a cigarette.

For former or current cigarette smokers, 32% reported that they use a vape product to help them quit cigarette smoking. There was also a survey of Canadian students (grades 7-12) in 2018-2019.

According to this survey, 34% of grade 7-12 students had tried to use a vape, with 20% reporting that they used it for the last 30 days before the survey.

Moreover, 28% stated they tried an e-cigarette containing nicotine, while 29% tried an e-cigarette without any nicotine. Among them, 18% used an e-cigarette containing nicotine, and 11% had used an e-cigarette that does not contain nicotine in the past 30 days.

Most of the students who tried using a vape product, like the e-cigarettes, had also tried to smoke a cigarette.

In fact, 54% of students answered “fairly easy” and “very easy” to have an e-cigarette that contains nicotine if they wanted to have one.

Meanwhile, 58% answered that it would be “fairly easy” and “very easy” to get an e-cigarette that is nicotine-free if they wanted to have one.

Vaping Enforcement and Compliance in Canada

Health Canada has an enforcement and compliance program to ensure that the importers, manufacturers, and sellers of vape products comply with the rules and regulations.

Health Canada also expects establishments that sell vape products to prevent young people in Canada from accessing them. Establishments could verify the buyer’s age by checking their IDs to know if they are of legal age to purchase a vape product.


Vaping is popular across the world. Like other countries, citizens of Canada are engaging in vaping products, especially the youth.

Using a vape is thought to be less harmful than using cigarettes. However, some studies claim that using it could harm your health because it contains chemicals. Furthermore, it can be addictive because some vape products contain nicotine.

If you plan to use a vape, you need to weigh things and know the necessary details you need to know before purchasing and using one.

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