Whether it would be for the sake of photography, honeymoon, vacation, or anything of the sort, Canada is indeed a great place to visit. What makes Canada special from among the rest is the fact that there are loads to do despite what season is.


Spring in Canada offers tons of activities to do, from hiking on the Rocky Mountains of Alberta to camping near the millions of lakes in Canada. With the warmth that comes with spring, the ice and snow should start to thaw, revealing the colorful fauna frozen still by winter’s wrath.


When summer comes, the perfect time to visit beaches and lakes will be up. Summer in Canada isn’t as warm as any tropical countries but having a quick dip or dive still brings an awesome experience. Canada actually has quite a lot of beaches and lakes that are worth visiting.


This is a perfect season if you have a passion for photography. Some trees begin to turn orange during the fall, thus making it the best scene for that one perfect shot.


Winter brings tons of snow and lots of sparkle with the twinkling lights in the cities and towns. You will definitely feel how festive Canada can be during the wintertime.

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