Atlantic Canada, also known as the Atlantic provinces, is composed of three provinces: Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. These provinces are best known for their seaside lifestyle, with colorful villages, seafood straight from the sea, beaches, and rich marine wildlife. Wherever you may turn, you’re bound to meet up with ecstatic locals who would want to share their province’s unique and rich history.

Prince Edward Island is actually the smallest province of Canada, and it resembles the shape of a crescent. This province is situated between the other two provinces, which are New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Due to how well-preserved the province is, it became a favorite among tourists because of the green plains, red-colored sandstone cliffs, bountiful forests, and old-fashioned houses.

According to history, New Brunswick was one of the first places visited by the Europeans who came to North America. The province is known for its mountain ranges and the southern coast. Here in New Brunswick, you will have the chance to see the famous Hopewell Rocks or the “flowerpot rocks,” If you are interested in marine wildlife, there are also some rare sightings of humpback whales in this province.

Nova Scotia is a giant peninsula that resembles the shape of a lobster claw. This province hails as the biggest between the other Atlantic Provinces. Historically, Nova Scotia was made a hub for building ships and naval bases.

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